Entry #9


2013-09-08 01:10:02 by MoonClock

For those of you in your twenties...

Is it supposed to kind of...you know, suck?

Maybe suck is the wrong term.

The twenties are a fucking weird age, though. I still feel like a fucking teenager.

In other news, it's beginning to transition to slightly colder weather, which is lovely.


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2013-09-08 12:21:10

In Africa some people don't even reach there twenties, so ya know, feel lucky and praise allah <3.

MoonClock responds:

I'll try, mandog, I'll try.


2017-04-01 00:49:30

ya 30s aint any better

MoonClock responds:

lol, almost a four year old blogpost

but yeah, realizing that as i age. good stuff to know i think.