Good morning, world.

2012-12-29 08:50:55 by MoonClock

I don't know why I'm even actively involving myself on Newgrounds anymore. Perhaps it's because I'm bored, I just turned twenty, and I'm still clinging to the nostalgia of my past. By the way, I don't recommend any of you do that regularly; the only reason I am currently is because I'm on break from college and am too lazy/sick to do much else. Then again, I am typing this up. I digress.

I have in my head stored quite a number of pleasant memories pertaining to Newgrounds, most of which involve various shenanigans done on the flash portal and BBS with my old e-pals. Unfortunately we've since disbanded, but I guess that's just how it goes. As a result, I'm coming to terms with the fact that it's time to spend my time on new ventures, but for what purpose? So much mental energy was exerted thinking about reason behind doing productive things with my time, and I've finally determined that entertainment is reason enough. Not like I'm taking anything I decide to do seriously; that's more harmful than helpful, as most of you will come to realize about forming hobbies.

And then there's the part of me that needs to focus on school in order to obtain a degree that lacks practicality, not to suggest that I care about getting a real-world job at this point, or at least one where I have to sit down all day.

But, wait a minute, I'm sitting down right now, so why would I not want a career that involves frequent sitting? Well, sitting is pretty damn relaxing, and if I have to actually do tedious shit while immobile, that won't go over too well. See, right now I'm typing this shit up, and it feels rather pleasant. I suppose if I were to get paid for anything, I'd like to move around. What are some good jobs that involve frequent moving/physical activity, anyway? In all likelihood, I won't be able to get those type of jobs with my current choice of degree.

The days pass, and I'm constantly reminded that there's only a here and a now that I need to immerse myself in on a regular basis. Thinking about the past all of the goddamn time is a waste, and so is worrying about the future. It's morning right now, and hopefully something happens before noontime that will get my attention. It's supposed to snow, actually, so maybe I'll wind up shoveling. Who fucking knows, right?

That's that.


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2013-05-21 10:56:16

Congrats, you're the User of the Day! Did you get a job with your degree?