Entry #1

My thoughts on Redesign

2007-07-17 18:59:24 by MoonClock

I rather like it. It looks like they put a lot of work and thought into it, and I think it is very well-done. The new level icons look excellent, and I went up four levels, which is pretty cool. It will take some getting use to, but I feel as though I will be acquainted quickly. Really I like pretty much everything about the new design, and it was worth the wait.


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2007-07-17 19:02:15

Those are good points but was it really worth the wait? The hype was so much that this redesign was supposed to be some glimpse of heaven, but it was nothing more than a bunch of new graphics.

MoonClock responds:

Well I just think that it looks like it took a lot of hard work, and that overall it looks very nice, and I like it. As far as a "Glimpse of Heaven" goes, that is over-hyping it.


2007-07-17 19:23:01

I agree, it's extremely well done


2007-07-17 19:31:36

1 thing describes this for me: no ads., On the user pages. Hell YEAAA! :)


2007-07-17 19:32:15

i love the new level icons.
also, i love this new comment and review system.
it makes things so much easier and sexier.


2007-07-17 20:07:12

i normally dont have the time 2 get on NG, cuz it takes like 20 min 4 it 2 load 4 me, cuz i run Win98, w/ comteck 26k dialup, but the redesign makes the site load faster 4 me. but y wont it let me send Pms?it say "Error - you have not agreed to the terms and conditions of posting private messages". how do i agree, cuz i cant find it.


2008-04-13 16:38:43



2008-05-29 12:19:01

The redesign sucks i prefer the old :(


2008-08-08 19:45:38

LOL I Felt The Same Way When I Came Back Here On NewGrounds Hey Remember When The Only Page you Had Was A 550 x 400 POP UP LOL


2008-08-24 18:28:09



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