I'll be off for 2+ months or so

2008-09-01 22:42:37 by MoonClock

Yeah, to tend to schoolwork matters and etc. Because I'm currently in the hardest part of my current school year, I have to sacrifice a lot of my free time, and that includes being on here. Also, in general, it would be nice to temporarily break my addiction to the internet and do other things, like...well, I haven't quite thought that over. I'll probably be on here occasionally, but not for a long time. Chances are I'll be back sometime after Thanksgiving going about my usual business on here. I, however, will not break my routine of going to McDonald's. Doing so would be a crime against Ronald McDonald, and I do not want to anger him. As far as that matter is even concern, I would never even THINK about doing something like that. That's craziness. So, until then...


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2008-09-14 16:05:09

u sound like d kinda dude who has his head up his ass u myt think ur the shit bt iwillpress has got a point cos there is aload of pricks ot there al high and mighty and im 17 so dnt say that any1 is naive cos every opinion is valid when pt in2 d ryt context

MoonClock responds:

Incoherent much?


2008-11-30 17:31:22

keep it real MoonClock